What to Expect from Thai Massage Treatments in Melbourne?

You may have seen massage centres in the Melbourne area advertising Thai massage and wondered what they are. Thai massage treatments in Melbourne are based on and influenced by Indian Ayurvedic traditions as well as philosophies from Buddhism and Hinduism. Along with a belief in pressure points and energy channels, practitioners of Thai massage aim for a healthy and relaxed body and mind when the procedure is completed. They will want to not only realign or re-balance the energy in the body, they will want to do it in a way that promotes healing.

Unlike other types of massage, like Swedish or deep tissue massage, Thai massage treatments in Melbourne are done fully clothed. You will likely be asked to wear loose fitting clothing when you come in for a session, as you will be moving around and changing positions, often. There are no oils or lotions that are used during a Thai massage, only the expert hands of the practitioner. They will start at the feet and work their way up towards the head, which is also a bit different from other types of massage. During your Thai massage, you should also expect to be in at least four different positions, though some will add one or two more. The strokes that the practitioner will use are light and different pressures are used on different areas. The practitioner will also likely use Shiatsu techniques as well. You should expect stretching and you should notice that the practitioner will use different parts of their body in order to get the strength and pressure correct. All in all, when getting a Thai massage, expect approximately and hour spent before you can leave in a highly relaxed state.

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